A day off not well spent


Photo: Clem Onojeghuo (unsplash)

In my eyes, a day off should look like the photo above. Relaxing with your loved one(s), enjoying the moment and enjoying life. However, today did not look like that. I took a day off because I was tired and overwhelmed. My husband confirmed it by telling me I had been snippy lately, which was my sign that I was stressed and needed a personal day. There was so much to do, so much on my plate, how does this thing called life work.

So I took my day off. And was busy with catching up on mail and emails, cleaning our house, shopping, watching Netflix and going to the hairdressers. In short, trying to shorten my very long to do list.

While I was sitting at the hairdressers getting my hair colored, I thought “What am I doing here? Am I spending valuable time sitting here because of vanity?” And then my hair color turned out horrendous, so I had to spend a total of three hours in the seat and the battery of my phone was dead.  So all  there was, was silence…. And I was the saddest person…. All because I had to sit still and actually feel emotion. There was nothing to distract me from how I felt. I realized that this day, the time spent could not be taken back. Time is so precious, and all I did was waste it.

So my next day off, will be spending time my time wisely – spending time with my family, relaxing, enjoying life, laughing and putting the to do list away.


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