Vote for Love


Today, the Netherlands have their elections. We are voting for our future for the next four years. It is interesting how a small country can have 27 parties to chose from. In the end, our government is a mix of different parties. However, how do you chose if you want to vote and how do you chose which party you are going to vote for?

Well, after brexit and the us elections, I chose to vote. When you vote, you have a voice and your voice counts!.

The last weeks the media has been all about the elections and there was a lot of negativity and I was sick of it. And apparently, I was not the only one. 12 chief editors of dutch womens media thought it was enough and that it is time for some positive energy. Their message: vote for love – do not vote con,  but pro, and let your heart speak when you vote.

This message was powerful and made me first think about my values and what I wanted on the big political positions before looking at what the different parties stand for. I voted for love and really let my hart speak.




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