Marie Kondo-ing is kicking my ass – the clothes story


So in the month of May, I had decided to Marie Kondo my life. After reading her book ‘ ‘The life changing magic of tyding‘ , I thought I wanted my life changed and I wanted to get rid of the declutter. However, it just hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be.

So the rules are simple:

• declutter by category in a particular order,

• collect all items from that category,

• touch each item and ask yourself ‘does it spark joy?’

• After your done with all your items, and only after you are done, you discard all items that do not spark joy and find a place for items that do spark joy.  

It sounds easy right, well it wasn’t for me. So I followed Marie Kondo’s rules to a T. I started with the categorie clothes. I started with my kids clothes, because I thought that would be easy.  And luckily it was. Kids grow, so they change clothes every once in a while, which is why they haven’t collected an endless amount of clothes. They outgrow them, plain and simple.

My clothes, well, that was another story.  It took forever to collect my clothes, because I have clothes in my closet, in another closet, in my kids closet, well everywhere. Who knew that I stored clothes all over the house. After finally collecting all my clothes, I was astonished at the pile that had accumulated in my bedroom. Wow, do I own all of this?

And now the aspect, does it spark joy? Well guess what? about 80% did not spark joy. Yes, I got rid of 80% of my clothes. I always complained I had nothing to wear. And apparently I didn’t like a lot of my clothes. And now I really do not have a lot to wear, but at least I like the clothes. I just have to figure out how to combine them and work it out. Maybe I will create a capsule wardrobe, but that is for another month.

So what got tossed? Especially my work clothes got tossed. I had a lot of nice suits and what not, but guess what, it wasn’t me. It was what I thought I needed to look like to be taken seriously.  I also have a lot of casual wear that just wasn’t me. Too much of my work life had taken over my private life. Wow, what an eye opener.

I also really liked some clothes that I currently do not fit. After my second baby 1 1/2 years ago, I still have some baby weight on my body. I took all the clothes that sparked joy which didn’t fit and decided to box it up. I will put it away for a year (hopefully sooner, but who knows). And if it doesn’t fit in a year, it is gone.

So I did this about a month ago and this what I learned so far:

  • When you have things in your closet you love and feel good in, you will always feel good getting dressed and getting dressed will take a lot less time.
  • When you get rid of clothes, you notice what you like and what you don’t.  I actually got rid of even more clothes after the initial purge. I would wear something and think, ago, this doesn’t work anymore. It is so much easier to get rid of stuff and get my closet up to date.
  • People really don’t look at what you wear, so it is okay to have a few outfits which you wear
  • When you realize you only want to have stuff that you really like, you don’t shop as much. I actually went shopping and bought nothing. I had such a hard time asking myself what sparks joy that I thought I should do this when I buy things. This resulted in coming home frustrated not buying anything, even though I needed some clothes. In the end I was happy I didn’t by something that was okay. From now on, I am only buying things I love.
  • When ou realize your fashion sense changes over the years. What you loved two years ago, may not be what you love right now, and that is okay. It is about letting go, about finding what fits you right now.
  • When you realize you closet is empty. I have 40 hangers with no clothes on them. So now I am figuring out what to do with the space.
  • When you figure out where your old clothes go to, it is easier letting go. I called a woman’s shelter who where happy to receive clothes, which made purging just a bit better.

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