Marie Kondo is kicking my ass – the books story

simson-petrol-110900At the moment, I am having a hard time with Marie Kondo. I started doing the book ‘The magic life of tyding up‘ because I wanted my life to be better, and mostly that my home will feel like a home.

However this book has been kicking my ass.  It is mostly because I have to collect every item of a specific category before starting.  So after my clothes debacle, we are onto the next category: books.

Books, books, books, I actually love books. However, books have taken over my home. They are everywhere, in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, kids rooms, everywhere. It took a while to collect everything. Especially because I have a lot of books in boxes in my workroom. In total I had collected over 700 books. I divided them into four categories: children’s books, cookbooks, business books and the rest.  And off I went, does this spark joy? Wow, and so many books just didn’t make the cut.

All my college books – gone, most of my reading books – gone, a lot of business books – gone, some cook books – gone, children’s book – all the broken books – gone. And all of a sudden, I didn’t have that many book left, and it felt good.

Let’s be honest, I all of a sudden thought why do I have so many books? You read a good (non) fiction book, and then it just sits there on your shelf. You have about ten books which you always thought you would read, but hey, it’s been two years and you still haven’t read them. And then there are the business books which you had to read for work, just sitting there, reminding you off work every time you look at them.


So bye bye books, Thank you for the good reads, for making me realize I needed to let you all go. So all books went into the hatchback and off they went to the red cross for their annual book sale. Hopefully, they will get a new home.

And the books that are allowed to stay are just a well curated books that I want to keep, like my Harry Potter collection, some of my favorite fictions and non fictions, some self help books, my favorite cook books, some business books. My husband kept all his books. and my children as well. But at least we have a lot more space.

And so the books categorie can get checked off, and on we are to the next category: papers.


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