Fear is not for the faint hearted


I recently took a 6 month sabbatical from my work. This means spending more time with my little ones and having two days off, just for myself. It was only to realize, two months into my sabbatical that I have a lot of fear. Probably strengthened by my utter lack of sleep, I only just recently noticed how much fear has taken over my life.

For one, I love writing and yet I find myself not taking the time to write this blog. When I asked myself why about five times, I realized I am scared to write because of what other people might think and fear of failing.  So am I setting myself up to fail. Why am I not doing the thing I love?

So I am taking fear head on, and doing some things I might not always have done.  I started making a bucketlist and am going to do some of the things on there. It is time to let go of this fear, get it out of my system and face the world.



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