Living by the book – experiments


I recently read an article where Elon Musk says he firmly believes reality is a simulation created by super intelligence. This blew my mind. What if we are just all playing a game? If we are just playing a game, then why don’t we experiment more.

In my search for sparkle, I am trying to figure out how to approach this search. As a self help book junkie, I decided to experiment a bit with my life and just try out some advice. Why not see the world as a game. So I am going to be living by the book, the self help book that is. Every week, I will take some advice and see if it works for me.

I am starting with the book ‘Destination Simple’ by Brooke Mc Alary. It is a lovely book about slowing down. In her book, she speaks about emptying your mind in the form of a braindump in the morning and in the evening. She also spoke about it on her slow your home podcast. This so appealed to me because my head is so full, so I am going to try this for the coming week.