April’s slow living


Photo by Jake Givens (unsplash)

In April, I decided to live by the book. I selected a book and tried to live according to the book. The book of the month April was ‘Destination Simple’ – everyday rituals for a slower life‘  by Brooke McAlary.  I devoured the book in a day. It is a lovely read . Brooke has a way with words where the information is so understandable and relatable. As well, there are exercises in the book which put your money where your mouth is.

I am usually someone who reads a book and says ‘ yeah, I get that’ and not do the exercises. With this book, I loved doing the exercises because they were so easy to start. And by doing the exercises I learned so much more.

Next to what I posted on gratitude and braindumping, I also learned about single tasking, unplugging, three thing to do list, creating rhythms and tilting. For me, especially creating a rhythm has helped me start up my day and end my day in a slower pace.

So to summarize, April has led me to living with a slower mindset. By creating certain habits, I was able to create rhythms (not routines), so that I have more rest in my head. And I got more done due to having a daily three things to do list.

Since it is spring, and springcleaning is something I never do. I decided that in May I am going to live by the book: ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’.


Grateful for gratitude


Foto: Alisa Anton (unsplash)

This month I have been reading destination simple from Brooke Mc Alary. A book with every day rituals for a slower life. The first week, I worked on braindumping, which was a way to get everything out of my head on paper.

The second week,  I worked on being grateful and writing this in a daily gratitude journal.  Gratitude journal is a word I heard before. Oprah started a whole movement by telling people to keep a gratitude journal in the 90’s. In short, if you appreciate whatever shows up in our life, it wil change your personal vibration.  So stop focusing on what is lacking, but focus on what you have.

So for a week, I wrote three things I was grateful for everyday. It was easy to be grateful in the evenings. I was able to replay the day and find things to be grateful for. In the morning however, it was a bit harder to be grateful. I did notice, I was in a better mood after writing in my gratitude journal and I did enjoy the daily little things in life. So I will keep this practice up.