Why do I want to tidy up my house?

norbert-levajsics-184254.jpgDuring the month of May I am focussing on ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. I will be reading the book and living by the book.

I started reading this book, because let’s be honest, my house (as my life) is a mess. We moved into our lovely home over ten years ago and merged all our stuff. And since then we have been accumulating stuff, but not really letting go of anything. As well, I recently wrote down my bucketlist, on it I stated ‘make our house a home’  and to do that decluttering is definitely necessary.

My mother has been saying for years: “you have to many things, you should get rid of it.” and did I listen? NO. At the moment,  we have a small attic full of stuff and one room filled to the brim. And this room is supposed to be our home office. So I have decided to tackle the clutter and have a life changing moment through tidying up.

I just started reading and Marie Kondo actually promises that if you treat tidying up as a special event, follow her strict rules, than you only have to tidy once in your life because the effects will be permanent. Well, doesn’t that sound amazing.


Her first exercise is actually not to clean, tidy or declutter, but to envision why you are doing this? What is your end goal after you have decluttered and then ask yourself why five times.

My vision is to have a peaceful house that radiates a sense of calm, space and freedom with a splash of “us – our own way”. I would like to spend less time cleaning, more quality time with my family. As well, I want family and friends to feel welcome in our home and have people over often (which is not the case right now).

While writing this down, I am actually dreaming of this. Of having a home that feels calm, spacious, free and a splash of what makes our family our family. At the moment, I don’t have a lot of people over, however I always envisioned a house full of people, and especially that my kids can have their friends over all the time.  So well, that is my why, now let’s start with the next step, decluttering the first categorie – clothes.