How to survive one of those mommy days?


We all have them, one of those mommy days where everything goes wrong, where your kids have decided to become little monsters, the to do list just gets longer and you have no idea how to survive the day.

I had one of these today. I don’t know if it is because daylight saving time went in last weekend, or if I was just in a bad mood and my kids picked up on that, but today was one of those days. Even though they are only 1,5 and 3 years old, they were fighting all day and being mischievous little monsters. So how do you survive these days?

  1. It all starts with acknowledging that these days exist. And it is okay to have them. Usually it is just a day, (however sometimes it is a little phase,) and yes it will pass. So if it is one of those days where you think: ‘why did I become a mother?’  then put it in perspective, it is just one of those days.
  2. Breathe, just breathe, and take another breathe. Try to let your breath flow your body.
  3. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Yes count to 10 before you react. Such an easy task, so hard to follow through. These ten seconds can help you take some time before you react.
  4. Figure out what sets you off. Why are you so stressed out and yelling? Is it your work deadline? A fight with your husband? A to do list a mile long? Haven’t had a descent nights sleep in ages? Whatever it is, know that it is in the back of your mind and it influences your day. And then realize, why do you get so angry when a situation occurs? My kids were just really naughty today, and just not listening to me at all. I felt as if I didn’t exist, and that linked with no sleep led me to be super cranky.
  5. Figure out what sets your kids off. Yes, there is always a moment where a situation escalates, where a little cry becomes a huge tantrum. My little man can escalate quick when he is tired and feels that a situation is unfair. So I definitely do not want to go to the supermarket with this guy when he is tired, hungry and wants an ice cream.
  6. Change up the energy. Have you ever noticed that when you sit in a meeting all day, you are bored and tired? Well, the same happens to your kids. If they have the same activities with the same energy all day, then they tend to get cranky. So try to change up the energy once in a while, reading a book, going outside, coloring, and then dancing to music, etc.
  7. Have a support system in place. Some days,  it can become too much. If that is the case, use your support system, a family member, a neighbor, another parent….. Sometimes, all you need is a half hour to recuperate. If your child can just play for half an hour at a friends, then you have some breathing room. Sometimes that is all you need….. and if that is not possible, the boob tube can sometimes also be a solution.

This helped me get through today. I am turning in early and today will be a new beautiful day where we will see what will happen.